Technical Program Manager III Core Machine Learning JOB 2022

Before it is resolved universally, a problem is not truly resolved. Because of this, Google employees develop products that open up chances for everyone, whether they live nearby or around the world.

You'll use your technical knowledge to manage intricate, multi-disciplinary projects as a Technical Program Manager at Google. In order to define requirements, identify risks, manage project schedules, and effectively communicate with cross-functional partners across the organization, you will collaborate with stakeholders.

III Core Machine Learning

III Core Machine Learning

You feel as at ease describing to executives your team's findings and suggestions as you do when speaking with engineers about the technical trade-offs involved in product development.

We want Googlers to stick around and develop when they join us as we work to create a company that reflects the world around us. We include diversity, equity, and inclusion into our work and strive to foster a sense of belonging across the organization as part of our efforts to create a Google for everyone.

As a Technical Program Manager with a machine learning-focused focus, you'll leverage your knowledge to drive innovation so that Google's products can see, hear, and comprehend our users in ways that have never been possible before.

The technical underpinnings of Google's key products are created by the Core team. We are Google's owners and defenders of the foundational design components, developer platforms, product parts, and infrastructure.

These serve as the fundamental building blocks for providing our users with exceptional, secure, and coherent experiences and propel the rate of innovation for all developers. We consider all of Google's offerings in order to provide centralized solutions, remove technical obstacles, and improve current systems.

We have a mandate and a special chance, as the Core team, to influence critical technological choices across the organization.


Control technology projects by setting goals and success criteria, allocating resources, and ensuring successful, on-time delivery.

Recognize the uses of machine learning technologies utilized by Google and others.

When dealing with big, cross-functional teams, use technical judgement.

Create procedures and technologies that boost software engineering productivity.

Inform all corporate levels of timetables, priorities, and status.


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