Senior UX Writer and Content Designer YouTube JOB 2022

Writers for Google's User Experience team serve as brand ambassadors, shaping how people interact with Google's products via the power of words.

You'll have a hand in defining the direction of content and will be responsible for ensuring that product stories are consistent across all channels.

Your body of work as a writer indicates your ability to create information that improves and streamlines the user's journey.

You collaborate with researchers, product managers, engineers, marketers, and customer operations specialists, among others, on UX design projects. When working with these parties, you should aim to create a common voice and vocabulary for all of your goods and services.

You are an expert in your product and routinely make content decisions based on empathy, rationality, and real facts. You suggest articles with just the perfect combination of words and, often, additional information and visuals.

You put your literary skills to work by creating simple, enjoyable ways for people to interact with products that also serve a useful purpose.

In addition to being a product manager, you also serve as a content strategist, responsible for articulating the overall direction and story of the product across all channels. You have a body of work as a writer that attests to your ability to streamline and enhance the customer experience.

You will be responsible for driving guidelines and best practises, managing complex cross-functional projects, and collaborating with leadership to establish and implement strategic plans. The authors you guide and the people you encourage have your undying gratitude.

Sales of Google's video products can be facilitated through YouTube/Video Global Solutions. Our goal is to support new ideas that will ensure YouTube and Video are always available for no cost to anyone wherever in the globe.

We achieve this by converting the requirements of the worldwide market into actionable product solutions that generate ROI for our content partners and their customers.


Senior UX Writer and Content Designer YouTube JOB 2022


In-Depth Details:

Just Colorado* Pay range of $142,000 to $152,000 per year including bonus, equity, and perks for full-time employees. * Please take note that we are obligated by sb19-085 (8-5-20) to inform you of the minimal salary pay you may expect to receive if you are hired for this position at our Colorado operations.

Take note that Google has both remote and traditional office jobs. If you're interested in this employment, you may choose which of the following you'd want to work from by filling out the appropriate fields on the application.

Places of business include New York City and San Bruno, both in the United States.

Remote areas in the United States.

Standard requirements:

Required education and/or experience levels include a bachelor's degree in English, Journalism, Communication, Literature, Business, Marketing, or a related discipline.

You have a minimum of three years of experience directing content strategy initiatives and/or writing (whether editorial, marketing, UX, or elsewhere).

Working knowledge of creating material for cross-disciplinary projects with an emphasis on user experience.

Documentation showcasing your ability to write for the user experience (UX) and provide suggestions for doing so.

Preferable skills:

Interacting with top-level management for the past five years.

The candidate must have a minimum of five years of agency-based writing, editing, marketing, or user experience (UX) writing expertise.

A minimum of three years' experience in a large, multi-departmental technology company.

Knowledge of localization and accessibility best practices in addition to experience creating information architecture for large documentation sets or product suites.

Familiarity with the world of the internet and its associated services and goods, especially user interfaces and mobile applications.

Ability to apply knowledge of user experience research methods and procedures to gather and analyse user feedback to draw meaningful conclusions.


Create UI language that simplifies user navigation, as well as on-boarding, promotions, error messages, educational materials, and other elements of the end-to-end user experience, using writing and content design skills.

Establish a vision for the language and content of a product or field of study and make sure that product narratives are unified; Establish best practices and strategic principles, and then document your methods using guidelines.

Project management includes identifying opportunities, setting priorities, securing resources, and controlling stakeholders throughout the project's lifecycle.

Work together with engineers, product managers, designers, researchers, and other professionals in the legal, marketing, and product management fields.

Junior UX writers should get leadership, guidance, and mentoring, and cross-functional partners should be made aware of the importance of UX writing and content strategy throughout the product development process.


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