Senior Product Designer Yahoo Sports JOB 2022

Yahoo Sports is the go-to destination for sports and fantasy game enthusiasts, with daily updates of high-quality, user-tailored content and an emphasis on offering the best possible fan experience.

What We're All About

We consider ourselves sports enthusiasts. Here, we have a lot of pride in our information, our wares, and our employees. We are always striving to do better, and we hope to find a new team member that shares this goal.

We are committed to developing market-leading goods and addressing issues that will shape the sports sector going forward. This position offers a fantastic chance to make meaningful contributions to products used by millions of people every day.

The ideal applicant will have both strong mathematical skills and a strong creative sense; they will enjoy delving into data to draw conclusions and will be able to quickly spot areas of opportunity for us to expand. If you have a love for sports betting, enjoy using facts to inform your selections, and enjoy the opportunity to use your imagination, read on.

How You Got to Be You

If you're a senior product designer for Yahoo Sports, you're responsible for motivating and focusing your team through active listening, persuasive persuasion, and clear, concise expression of ideas.

You're a credible designer because you have technical knowledge to back up your judgement on matters like deadlines, scope, quality, priorities, and tradeoffs. You are a well-rounded individual thanks to your expertise in sports, which you will use to define, shape, and drive us towards a comprehensive Sports Fan experience.

Senior Product Designer Yahoo Sports JOB 2022


Today Is:

With an awareness of the market, the client, and the competition, you will be able to design for and implement our all-encompassing sports growth strategy.

Find out what your users want, then create, test, and roll out an original solution.

Learn the ins and outs of the network-wide conversion processes and then refine them to perfection.

Facilitate productive collaboration between departments and companies by consistently delivering superior work on schedule and coming up with novel solutions to problems.

You'll need to collaborate with product managers and data engineers to analyze data and make decisions based on hard evidence rather than guesswork.

Transform broad, nebulous user and corporate problems into precise, useful, and pleasurable answers;

Share the findings of user testing and data analysis with the design process as a whole;

Utilize the top features of iOS, Android, and the web, among others.

Put in work on a design system to help out with engineering and design tasks.

Encourage others and provide constructive criticism with good humor, poise, and sensitivity.

If you fit the following criteria, you should do well in this position:

takes into account the entire process of designing a product, from the information architecture to the flow of the many steps to the use of motion to create a more complete and satisfying whole;

provides uniformity in presentation by means of typeface, colour, and visual hierarchy;

incorporating prototypes early and often into your design process to help you find good ideas and win over key players;

helps users by coming up with novel approaches to problems, rather than just the standard, boring ones;

demonstrates a willingness to listen to and learn from peers and coworkers;

Makes design presentations with assurance and clarity to encourage constructive criticism, adapting style to suit audience and goal.

displays initiative and accepts responsibility for achieving goals and meeting deadlines;

participates in and makes contributions to the company's and larger design community;

displays an interest in and makes an effort to improve one's professional abilities.


Sports-related design experience is a bonus, as is familiarity with sports betting and predictive gaming.

Knowledge of the sports industry and its competitors, along with a genuine love for the game.

Superior product intuition and the ability to create what the market demands.

Expertise in leveraging data to inform business decisions and a strong analytical background.

Highly empathetic and a natural communicator with excellent interpersonal skills.

enthusiasm for collaboration and a desire to work closely with others. No need to pretend to be an expert; just ask questions and listen closely so you can fill in the blanks.

Experience designing digital products for iOS, Android, and the web for over five years. As designers, we work across many mediums.

Evidence of proficiency in graphic design, interaction design, prototyping, and product thinking portfolio.

Provide evidence that you have experience creating digital products that adhere to or exceed accessibility standards set by the industry.

Proven track record of managing all aspects of a user-centered design project.

Ability to use several design software packages effectively in order to generate ideas, prototypes, assets, and requirements.

All of our team members are expected to have a genuine interest in sports and sports betting as well as a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.

Yahoo takes pride in being an inclusive and welcoming workplace. There will be no bias in the hiring process based on age, race, gender, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, military status, handicap, or any other legally protected characteristic of a qualified applicant. 

Yahoo is committed to ensuring that its recruitment process and workplace are inclusive of people with disabilities. 

Please fill out the Accommodation Request Form (www.yahooinc.com/careers/contact-us.html) or call 408-336-1409 if you require an accessible environment or a reasonable accommodation due to a handicap. No one will return your call or respond to your email if you don't have a question about a handicap.

We at Yahoo recognize that a diverse workforce is more productive. We strive to create a community where everyone feels safe to be themselves and where everyone contributes. Our goal is to create an environment where everyone feels respected, included, and capable of giving their all. To find out more, visit www.yahooinc.com/diversity/.

All personnel accessing a U.S. Yahoo office and/or attending a corporate event (including client events) are required to have proof of a valid COVID-19 vaccination. The ideal candidate will have to prove they have been vaccinated before entering a Yahoo office in the United States or attending a Yahoo event in the United States (including client events). 

Yahoo is an equal opportunity employer and abides by all applicable federal, state, and local laws on reasonable accommodations for employees who are unable to be vaccinated.

The salary range for this employment, if offered and accepted in Colorado, is $117,000 to $195,000. Pay could be more or lower depending on factors like where you live and how much experience you have. In addition to a base salary and benefits, employees may be eligible for a discretionary annual bonus, commissions, and equity incentives. 

When it comes to benefits, Yahoo is among the best in the business. In accordance with the Colorado Equal Pay Act, below is some data on median earnings in the state.


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