Competition Policy Lead job in singapore 2022

About The job

When you join Google, you'll be a part of a worldwide government affairs team that spans geographies, product lines, and departments. You'll be in charge of managing a number of campaigns, projects, and initiatives, requiring a high level of both creative and intellectual competence as well as impeccable organizational abilities.

As the person in this position, you will be an advocate for Google to bring external viewpoints back into the firm to help shape our thinking and strategy. You are excited by the prospect of helping to determine the course of technological development for the foreseeable future.

The company takes public policy issues seriously and actively collaborates with government and other stakeholders to find solutions. The Government Affairs and Public Policy (GAPP) group is responsible for coordinating the company's interactions with government regulators, lawmakers, and other interested parties.

With the help of Google's top brass, GAPP tries to pinpoint pressing policy concerns, solicit and consider diverse perspectives, and articulate Google's position to relevant external parties. While we continue to zero in on internet-related problems, the scope of our work is expanding to include other areas where public policy, industry, and technology converge.

Competition Policy Lead job in singapore 2022


Standard requirements:

An advanced degree in law or economics, or relevant work experience, is preferred.

10 years' experience in a business, law firm, or government agency dealing with competition policy concerns.

Preferable skills:

Expertise in developing and implementing strategies to provide excellent solutions while working with multicultural, cross-cultural teams from around the world.

Working knowledge of the laws and regulations governing technological fields.

The ability to understand competition policy in addition to associated legal and economic topics.

Proven expertise leading and evaluating challenges in a fast-paced, cross-functional setting.

The ability to make sound decisions under pressure and the ability to work well with others under trying conditions.

Superb command of politics, analysis, communication, attention to detail, writing, and oratory.


Provide input on Google's worldwide and regional policy activities concerning competition probes and relevant regulations.

Work in tandem with the global policy group as well as other departments and divisions, such as the legal, product, and PR departments.

Carry out our policy strategy, create our external narrative around important policy concerns, and counsel product teams from a public policy and regulatory perspective.


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