American School of Creative Science Seeking an English Teacher in 2022

Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in English; Minimum 2 years of teaching experience aligned with the US Common Core Curriculum; Diploma or higher in teaching; Education Qualification in teaching English as a Second Language (CELTA, DELTA, TESOL); IELTS score of 7.5 or equivalent; Knowledge of Data Disaggregation, Analysis, and Differentiation for Students; Preferably with IKTHAR/KHDA/ADEC approval for UAE-based candidates; Job Requirements:

Positions Open:

First-Year College:

Appropriate for use with Primary, Junior High, and Senior High Students

CandidatesCriteria for Qualified Educators:

Needed Level of Education:

Minimum Required Years of Teaching Experience: 2

College Degree Requirement: English or Related Field


American School of Creative Science Seeking an English Teacher in 2022

A tuition reduction, a school with state-of-the-art facilities, a multicultural staff, and a unique religious atmosphere are just some of the perks.

Position Summary:

Are you a dedicated educator with a passion for working in a faith-based setting with bright students?

The American School of Creative Science (ISCS) seeks an innovative, enthusiastic, and exceptional English Teacher who places a premium on ongoing training and education as well as work-life balance.

Teachers are held to a high standard because of the trust we place in them to provide a safe learning environment for our pupils.

To create schemes of work and lesson plans in accordance with curricular goals. To welcome and excite students. To ensure a safe and secure learning environment for all students.

A teacher's role is to create an atmosphere conducive to learning by connecting with students and arranging the classroom's materials and activities accordingly.

Assess and record progress, and prepare students for tests. Develop and cultivate the required skills and social abilities to permit children's optimal growth, taking into account their age, ability, aptitude, and cultural differences.

Students' comprehension may be enhanced by the use of a variety of strategies, including the review of previously covered material, the creation of new learning opportunities, and the use of motivational techniques like challenging and motivating students.

This is a job posted directly to the school, and it is available immediately.

Bukhatir Education Advancement & Management (Beam) is the result of ten years of work by the Bukhatir Group to improve the quality of education in the United Arab Emirates by creating and implementing innovative approaches to school administration.

Beam's International School of Creative Science (ISCS) and American School of Creative Science (ACS) are well-known for providing exemplary education to students in grades K-12 and 13 respectively, following the British and American curricula, respectively (ASCS).

The Beam Creative Science Schools offer a one-of-a-kind educational experience by combining an international curriculum with a robust Arabic language programme, all of which is delivered by highly seasoned academic teams and supported by cutting-edge technological infrastructure designed to produce excellent results in the classroom. We prioritise the development of children's critical thinking abilities and academic success in an environment that actively promotes traditional moral values and ethos.

About the International School of Creative Science (ISCS)The founders of the International School of Creative Science (ISCS) were driven by a desire to establish a K–13 school unlike any other, one that promotes academic excellence through the delivery of a cutting–edge curriculum, personalised instruction, and state–of–the–art resources in a setting that upholds traditional values and encourages the growth of well–rounded young people.

ISCS is a well-known educational institution in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with its flagship school ISCS Muwaileh in Sharjah (established in 2002) and ISCS Nad Al Sheba in Dubai (established in 2016), both of which have earned a reputation for academic excellence while maintaining a strong commitment to the religious principles that inform the school's philosophy.

Due in large part to its cutting-edge infrastructure, ISCS has quickly become one of the most sought-after foreign curriculum schools in Sharjah, Dubai, and the neighbouring Emirates.

In addition, the UAE government's 2017 Moral Education Programme is not taught separately from the rest of the curriculum but rather as an integral part of the whole schooling experience. ISCS provides a curriculum that is based on both the English and Welsh national curricula and the UAE national curricula, with a concentration on Arabic and Islamic Studies.

ISCS secondary students have been consistently ranked among the world's top achievers in education by Edexcel, and the school's graduates have gained admission to some of the best universities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the United Kingdom (UK), the United States (USA), Australia (Australia), Canada (Canada), Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere around the world. When inspected by the Ministry of Education, ISCS was found to be "Highly Effective with Distinction," a designation considered to be among the highest possible.

To get this honour, a school must be rated as "Highly Effective" in all four categories (Focus Areas, The Leadership of the School, Instruction, and Student Outcomes). ISCS exceeded this benchmark by receiving "Highly Effective" ratings in all six areas of study. Additionally, ISCS has been honoured with a prestigious industry award for its innovative approach to integrating technology into the classroom.

The school has been making an influence on education for four years running, and this year is no exception.

The American Schools of Creative Science (ASCS) are two schools in Sharjah and one in Dubai run by Bukhatir Education Advancement & Management (Beam), and are the only Promethean Centre of Excellence in the Middle East.

ASCS Maliha, our biggest campus, serves more than 3,000 students in grades K-12. We are committed to being a learning institution that cultivates and encourages creative and critical thinking abilities.

The institutions' long history of academic accomplishment and their commitment to instilling moral principles produce graduates who go on to make meaningful contributions to society.

The goal of the educational programme is to provide students with a solid foundation in traditional morals and values while also providing them with a rigorous education that is grounded in the most cutting-edge educational research and methods. The English and Arabic departments of ASCS work together to create a cohesive curriculum and emphasise connections across disciplines.

Besides the UAE's National Curriculum in Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Social/National Studies, American Schools of Creative Science also implements the US Common Core Standards Curriculum.

ASCS's Islamic atmosphere combined with a genuine American education; academic excellence delivered in a faith-based setting and the principles which drive the curriculum at ASCS.

The school's amenities, which include a library, theatre, activity rooms, ICT rooms, and a kitchen, are all top-notch and innovative.

Playground equipment, a swimming pool, a fitness centre, and a multi-purpose hall are all part of the sports infrastructure. As an added bonus, ASCS is the only Promethean Center of Excellence in the whole Middle East. About Dubai: This is a job that sends its employees straight to the schools there.

Dubai is a popular tourist destination, and instructors there may enjoy a rare blend of authentic Middle Eastern culture and the high-class expat life that has made it famous.

If you're a certified educator looking for a new adventure in one of the world's most vibrant and interesting cities, go no further than Dubai, where a wide variety of private schools provide teaching possibilities. The Arabic language is spoken by 2,106,177 people.

The primary religion practiced in the UAE is Islam; the climate is hot desert; and the land area is 4,114 square kilometers. This is a Direct to School Position.

Company Name:

Bukhatir Education Advancement and Management

Job Location:

City/Town: Dubai State Dubai 

Country: United Arab Emirates

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