Account Executive Financial Services JOB 2022

There is no one Google advertising solution that works for all Google-partnered companies because they come in all different forms, sizes, and market caps.

Your understanding of online media, coupled with your aptitude for communication and analysis, affects how both new and current firms develop.

You give customer service, research, and market analysis of Google caliber by utilizing your relationship-building abilities.

You foresee how decisions will be made, consistently investigate and ascertain the business requirements of Google's major clients, and comprehend how our assortment of product offerings may help them expand their operations. You establish the vision and the plan with them so that their advertising can reach thousands of users.

Many of the largest marketers and agencies in the world work closely with our Large Customer Sales teams to develop digital solutions that help companies and brands grow.

As advertising moves to mobile and web platforms, we get to see the enormous transformation up close. We are in a unique position to influence how businesses expand in the digital age.

To help our clients rapidly and naturally interact with their audiences, we provide advice on Google's wide range of products spanning search, video, and mobile.

Account Executive Financial Services JOB 2022



Establish/prioritize connections with executive (C-level) stakeholders who can bring about change on a large scale; aggressively find, pitch, and implement solutions that will help customers achieve their goals.

In a portfolio with a sizable addressable opportunity, develop core performance media and migrate major traditional video spending to YouTube.

Be a business owner, predict revenue reliably, and keep your operations and sales pipeline in good shape.

Create business plans, exert influence without formal authority, and manage multidisciplinary teams to motivate people and produce outcomes.

As a leader and coach who focuses on finding solutions, work directly with account managers on your project and throughout the organization.

Minimum requirements:

either a bachelor's degree or relevant work experience

11 years of sales, marketing, or advertising experience in digital media.

Preferred credentials:

having business management, sales pipeline management, or working with client stakeholders experience.

experience managing stakeholders and communicating at the executive level.

experience in video, display, and programming.

Understanding of the challenges facing the digital media sector, a dedication to advancing Google's future-looking business initiatives, and a vision for its expansion.

understanding of brand and/or performance marketing strategies.

demonstrated a strategic and problem-solving sales approach, with the capacity to work through ambiguity and autonomously handle various priorities.

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